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I will...

Introduce and share resources

and tools (sharing is caring)

Partner with you

so you don't have to

go at it alone

Elicit skills and talents

Customize my approach to

meet your needs

Respect and appreciate differences

Positively reinforce change

Challenge and empower 

Listen empathetically

Impact awareness and clarity

Unpack learning

Offer authentic and meaningful communication

Follow ICF ethical guidelines  (confidentiality)

Demonstrate genuine care, concern and compassion

Support growth and

can do mind set

Inspire perspective shifts

Offer accountability

Empower action and transformation

Encourage grit and resilience

Value preferences and beliefs

Appreciate our unique relationship

Trust myself, you and the coaching process

Give undivided attention

Lean into space

Design safe space for sharing

Urban Photographer

What I ask of you

Listen to yourself

Be a willing partner

Lean into your skills, values

and interests

Feel empowered

Stretch your boundaries

Have fun

Adopt a growth mindset

Be open to

different perspectives

Trust yourself

Commit to the process

Invest in you

Be accountable

Process and apply learning

Be receptive to feedback


Focus on your future

Share freely

Notice changes

Communicate needs and concerns

Appreciate silence

Fail forward

Call, text or email to schedule a complimentary consultation

to see if coaching

is right for you.​​

Tel: 434.390.4676

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