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Eat What You Love Love What You Eat book cover

eat what you what you eat

Have you tried diet after diet? 
Are you frustrated that you can't seem to stick to a plan and

keep the weight off once and for all?

Do you constantly flip flop between feeling good by following the rules, and "bad" when you've blown it by eating out of control?

you are not alone!

Join me for the First Course, an 8 week interactive, on-line mindful eating program that will:

  • reconnect you to physical signals guiding when, what and how much to eat without restrictive diet rules

  • help you recognize and cope with triggers for overeating

  • connect you with a licensed coach and other participants to offer support and insights 

Registration includes:

  • A copy of Dr. Michelle May's "Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat" book and Awareness Journal

  • Interaction with other participants to share success, be encouraged, and get support during the 8 weeks and beyond

  • Am I Hungry? participation fee  & access to the member portal

  • Optional

    • ​consultations with Ellen at no additional cost
    • weekly email summaries to recap session highlights
    • daily mindful moment emails
    • participation in the Second Helping sessions at a discounted rate


The program is designed for individuals or can be tailored for groups.  Please request a free consultation to discuss group pricing.  


Books can be purchased independent from the course here.  

"I took away many nuggets of information that I will further reflect upon and use. Ellen’s knowledge and enthusiasm are inspiring!"

— Maureen

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