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The Start of Something Great

For weeks (ok, more like months now), I tossed around the idea of starting a blog; however, I wasn't really feeling it or any of my ideas.

Like many others, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, I've had a nagging guilt for not having a clue how to navigate these unprecedented times.

I've asked myself a hundred times....what can I do?

On a walk a week and a half ago, I was inspired by the sidewalk chalk messages in my neighborhood (perhaps inspired by the Robins Regional Chamber #RobinsStrong initiative) encouraging people to stay home and thanking essential workers. (I wish I had taken a few more snaps before the rains came.)

Struck by the resiliency, compassion, creativity and kindness emerging, I continued to think...

I want to flatten the curve.

I want to do something productive.

I want to stay safe.

I want to be of service.

I want to stay out of the way.

I want to do something - anything.

And, it hit me...

I decided on that walk to launch a Feel Good Friday Challenge and was drafting a Facebook post as soon as I walked in the door, inviting folks to nominate or "catch people in the act" of doing something compassionate or creative. It was fun to see the first nominees come in and to continue to see acts of kindness pop up all week.

Come Friday, I woke up super excited and proudly entered 23(!!) FGF nominees into the whirligig app. If you haven't used whirligig yet, I highly recommend it! It has been such a fun app for deciding where to eat with the Schlegel fam, determining who was going to be the lucky one to sit in the "way back" en route to see the Avett Bros at Red Rocks, etc.

That evening, I could hardy contain myself...I sat down with a glass of wine and my handsome camera man 😉 was time to reveal WHO was going to be the winner of the Feel Good Friday Challenge.

Everything about this Feel Good Friday Challenge made me feel good, so much so I couldn't sleep Friday night. In fact, I still feel like I'm on a Feel Good Friday high!

  • I loved seeing and being inspired by what others were doing to make this time a bit more bearable.

  • I loved that myself along with others were focusing on the positive and recognizing the good in others, in our communities, and circles, not to mention how that must make them feel.

  • I loved knowing that I was contributing in some small way.

  • I loved using the whirligig app.

  • I loved the excitement of wondering who was going to be the recipient of the Feel Good Friday Challenge (either in the way of ElPostel Coaching to be used or gifted or by way of a donation to a charity of the winner's choice in their honor).

  • I loved each nominee's unique way of sharing their talent, time, love, support, etc.

  • I love the winner, what she and her daughter are doing, and their cause - the Oregon Food Bank. #giantasscinnamonroll Catch Whitney and Elcy's story here. Watch the KATU Interview.

  • I love that this challenge was the beginning of something GREAT - a fun challenge I'd like to continue at least throughout the pandemic. Plus, it has proven to to be content for my very first blog post - and I'm feeling it!

Because the Challenge had more of an impact on me than I imagined, I've asked myself - why not continue with a Feel Great Friday Challenge? Luckily, there isn't a #FeelGreatFridayChallenge out there already (while there is for Feel Good Friday), so I think it's a sign.

I hope this made you feel good--or better yet, great! Please comment below with a thumbs up if you are excited to see the good feels continue, perhaps in different ways each week.

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