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Spreading JOY not COVID

As I pondered ways in which I could continue to spread goodness during COVID, the following feel good moments inspired the most recent #FeelGreatFridayChallenge...

I was reminded of the time my older sister gave me a hard time for writing one of her friends a note when I was in elementary school. She was in junior high so can you just imagine the 🙄 eye roll - 😂 ! Fast forward to high school, I found myself excited week after week to write and receive letters from...a boy(!!) I met on family vacation.

One of my favorite people and mentors, Phyllis Mable was notorious for sending notes of congratulations and encouragement while I was in college. I still marvel at the fact a Vice President took the time to write meaningful notes to not just me, but countless students. She was equally faithful in sending handwritten notes to her staff and alumni--I feel most fortunate for having been on the receiving end of her obscurely written notes full of phrases I still say today. Even after she retired and without fail, there would be a note in the mail almost immediately after a meet-up with her, thanking ME for a thank you note I had sent her, or for our time spent together - even if SHE paid for the meal. Those notes are some of my most cherished possessions.

Channeling my inner Phyllis, one of my new year's resolutions one year was to write a note a day for an entire year. I got so much joy out of picking out the note cards, writing them, sending them, and wondering when the person would receive them and how it would make them feel.

Just last year, I think my heart exploded when I received a handwritten note from a dear friend's daughter asking if I'd be her pen pal after having received a note from me thanking her for making me gluten free cookies. I was ecstatic to say the least!

Having just gone through boxes and boxes of notes and cards that had been stashed away in storage for the past three years, I spent hours pouring over the notes written to me by former students, colleagues, friends and family (my favorites are notes and art work by my adorable nieces and nephews!!) with such fond memories and heartfelt appreciation. I wish I could bottle up that feeling...

I always thought my mom liked writing notes because she had the most perfect cursive handwriting!! The fact she instilled the importance of writing (thank you) notes was not lost on me....I love paper. I especially love handmade paper and knowing the creative soul behind the fun graphics and beautiful photographs. I love writing notes (albeit tardy most of the time)--the handwritten kind. (Don't get me wrong, I love texting too.). I wish I could bottle up that feeling...

And, who doesn't love receiving snail mail, and not the bills or junk mail kind?

With all of that said, it seemed to make perfect sense for at least one challenge to be about spreading JOY--not fear, worry or COVID.

Plus, April is National Card and Letter Writing Month - who knew??!! đŸ€·

And, I just so happen to have three amazingly talented and equally kind friends who generously donated a pack of their BEAUTIFULLY handmade cards to the #FeelGreatFridayChallenge cause.

Thank you Ashley A Jones, Leah Olivier and Sarah Greenberg Roper for sharing your kind, generous and creative spirit!

It was fun to see the posts from Navona, Sully, Katie, Dawn, Gail, Jennifer, Paige and Maureen showing that the challenge had been accepted, and knowing that someone on the receiving end would be just as thrilled to receive the notes as these special souls likely were to send them.

While I can't think of a way to bottle up all the feels (maybe one day 😉), I love knowing that this challenge will allow Katie, Sully and Maureen (thanks to Whirligig) to continue spreading joy (not COVID) using some of the most beautiful stationery out there.

I've teamed up with a mystery guest for this next week's FGF Challenge so be sure to follow my Facebook and Instagram pages to get #FeelGreatFridayChallenge updates!

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