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Be Well with El

I'm interested in learning more!

If you are serious about making changes, you will be given tools and be encouraged to create lifestyle that's easy and convenient for you coupled with support from others as well as a Lifestyle Coach.


A sustainable, supportive, non-restrictive, and FUN way of reaching your goals. 

Topics include meal planning, mindfulness, motivation, holidays, being active, obstacles such as stress and temptations...and so much more!


We will meet weekly for 6 months with an option to continue meeting monthly during months 7-12.  Times/days will depend on participant availability.


We will meet via the Zoom platform.  If you've never used it before, it's similar to Facetime and super easy!  


Months 1-6:

  • Pay in Full Discount: $1,000 ($200 savings)

  • Monthly Payment Plan:  6 months x $200 = $1,200

Ad On:  Option to participate in monthly support group meetings in months 7-12

  • $275 pay in full discount ($25 savings)​

  • Monthly Payment Plan:  6 months x $50 per month 

Referral Discount:  Available for Ad On Monthly Sessions

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